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          Low Temperature Lithium Batteries Recharge at Minus 20℃

          Low Temperature Lithium Batteries Recharge at Minus 20℃

          Editorial: Issue Date:2022-12-01 Views:3802

          Low temperature lithium batteries, a type of lithium battery, are given the ability to operate at -20°C or lower through a special electrolyte and manufacturing process.

          What is a low temperature lithium battery?

          Low temperature lithium batteries are energy storage and power supply devices specially developed for cold environments below the freezing point and made with special battery materials and processes. Its discharge capacity and working performance are generally required to work normally in an environment of -40℃ , with the discharge capacity remaining above 80% and the minimum working temperature reaching -50℃ .

          Low-temperature lithium batteries use VGCF and surface area of (2000±500)㎡/g of activated carbon as additives and their matching positive and negative electrode materials, injected with electrolyte containing special additives to ensure the low-temperature discharge function of lithium batteries, while high temperature 70 ℃ shelved for 24h volume change rate ≦ 0.5%, with the safety and storage function of conventional lithium batteries.

          What are the types of low-temperature lithium batteries?

          Low-temperature lithium batteries are divided into three series according to their use environment: civilian low-temperature batteries, special low-temperature batteries, extreme environment ultra-low temperature batteries.

            1. Civilian low-temperature lithium battery: -20 ℃ battery @0.2C discharge accounted for more than 90% of the rated capacity; -30 ℃ battery 0.2C discharge accounted for more than 85% of the rated capacity;

            2. Special low temperature lithium battery: -40 ℃ battery @0.2C discharge accounted for more than 80% of the rated capacity;

            3. Extreme environment ultra-low temperature lithium battery: -50 ℃ battery @0.2C discharge accounted for more than 60% of the rated capacity;

          Rechargeable Low Temperature Lithium Battery Cells

          What are the manufacturers of rechargeable low-temperature lithium batteries?

          Grepow as a low temperature lithium battery manufacturer, its production of low temperature lithium battery can be at -20 ℃ temperature at 0.2C stable charging.

          The following curve can show the efficiency of charging in -20℃:

          Grepow temperature lithium battery can be at -20 ℃ temperature at 0.2C stable charging.

          As a well-known manufacturer of low-temperature lithium batteries, Grepow uses proprietary battery raw material formulas and innovative manufacturing technology to effectively improve the discharge performance of batteries in low-temperature environments, reduce the internal resistance of batteries and achieve efficient discharge.

          The rechargeable low-temperature lithium batteries produced by Grepow have the following advantages.

            1. High performance of low temperature discharge: in -40 ℃ environment, at @0.2C discharge, discharge capacity of 80%+;

            2. wide working temperature range: -40°C to 60°C;

            3. Excellent low temperature cycle performance: in -30℃ environment, charge and discharge at 0.5C, the capacity remains above 85% after 300 cycles;

            4. Safe and reliable with various certifications: UL/CE/UN certified;

            5. Support battery customization: flexible size, according to customer needs, the size and shape of the battery can be designed separately according to customer needs, support low temperature shaped battery customization;

            6. Compared with traditional lithium polymer battery, it breaks the discharge temperature limit of -20℃~ 60℃;

            7. With the ability of mass production, the consistency of the battery is good;

            8. Suitable for use in sub-zero cold environment, can be used for special equipment, aviation, aerospace, deep-sea submersible equipment power supply, polar scientific research, expedition equipment power supply, cold zone rescue, disaster relief with power supply, cold-proof clothing, cold-proof shoes power lights.

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