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          About Grepow

          Grepow Brands:"格氏"

          "格氏" is the RC hobby battery brand in Mainland China, has won warm market response, full of reputation among the modeling enthusiasts. We believe that: cutting-edge technology research and development, production process innovation, high performance, new products, high quality, personalized service is the source of the success of the "Ge's ace" brand, the majority of users' recognition and satisfaction is our greatest praise!

          格氏 the brand inherited Grepow more than twenty years of battery production of exquisite craftsmanship, always adhering to the high quality, optimization, priority sales strategy and service concepts, to provide a wide range of professional, diverse nickel-metal hydride batteries, lithium polymer batteries, lithium iron phosphate batteries, at present, the company has produced more than 500 nickel-metal hydride batteries, more than 1,300 lithium-polymer batteries batteries for a wide range of proportions of the The company has produced more than 500 kinds of NiMH batteries and 1300 kinds of Li-polymer batteries, which can be used in various ratios of trams, tankers, airplanes, boats and other types of RC models, toys, power tools, electric bicycles, electric cars, digital products, etc., adapting to the choices of customers in different fields, at different levels and under different conditions.