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          About Grepow

          Grepow Brands:TATTU

          TATTU was founded as a sub-brand of Grepow in 2012 with the mission to provide a professional source of constant energy for the drone, FPV, and model hobby. With offices in the US, Germany, and China, Tattu has a global service footprint.

          Relying on the parent company's more than 20 years of battery R&D and production experience, Tattu is like stepping on the shoulders of giants, always using high-quality products and meticulous service as benchmarks, keeping our feet on the ground, continuously sinking in the drone industry, gradually being recognized by the public, and achieving the Product Innovation Award at this year's World Drone Conference.

          We have made a classification of capacity, multiplier, weight and other needs according to the industry and flyers' usage scenarios, and launched Tattu drone smart battery, high-voltage battery, low-temperature battery, NCM811 battery, Tattu classic battery, Funfly series, R-line series, so that every flyer can enjoy every flight experience.

          Tattu smart battery is equipped with BMS and anti-ignition module, which combined with high performance and low power consumption MCU, let users know their battery status more clearly. The tight, waterproof housing optimizes the reliability of the system in rough environments. The improved energy density and increased cycle life make Tattu widely used in film and television aerial photography, agricultural plant protection, geological survey, forest fire prevention, flood rescue, express transportation and other fields. For flyers to improve efficiency and reduce the tedious maintenance process.

          Tattu FPV batteries have high current output and high instantaneous multiplier and are often used in major competitions, such as MultiGP, EMHC, etc., to help flyers achieve good results. The excellent battery technology, lightweight and high safety features are also often used in recreation and DIY, such as culverts, traversers, hollow cups, 2.5/3/4/5/7 inch models, etc.

          We also have smart balance charger, remote control and other batteries to choose from, a complete range to provide you with a one-stop power source. If you need custom batteries and solutions for the same, feel free to contact us.