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          GRP1254L1 -50℃ Low-Temperature Li-Ion Button Cell Battery

          GRP1254L1 -50℃ Low Temperature Lithium-ion Button Cell Battery

          GRP1254L1 -50℃ Low-Temperature Li-Ion Button Cell Battery

          -50℃ Lithium-ion Button Cell Battery specially developed for Low Temperature can be widely used in cold climates built in applications like trackers, small GPS, sensors in aerospace, polar research, expeditions, etc., high performance of discharge at low-temperature, operating environment range -50℃ to 60℃.
          Online information
          Product Details

          Lithium Button Cell Features:

          Self-developed Innovation Patents

          42 patents

          High Energy Density

          specific energy density up to 556Wh/L

          Excellent Fast Charging Capability

          Support 5C fast charging, 12 min to 80%+

          Long Cycle Life

          ?Up to 1000+ cycles

          Support Customization

          Diameter (≥7.8mm), height (≥1.5mm); and shapes custom available

          Wide Temperature Range

          Can be used at -50 ℃~60 ℃ or -20 ℃~80 ℃

          Support High Current Discharge

          20C discharge rate

          Complete battery certification

          Comply with UL1642, IEC62133, FDA, ISO13485, UN38.3, etc.

          GRP1254L1 Li-ion Button Cell Parameters

          Dimensions (without Tags)

          Grepow Button Cell Battery GRP1254 Dimensions (without Tags)

          Diameter [mm]: 12.1±0.1

          Height [mm]: 5.45±0.15

          Weight. approx [g]: 1.80±0.15

          Why Choose GRP1254L1 Lithium ion button cell

          Grepow Button batteries of a rich range

          GRP1254L1 lithium ion button battery adopts the laminated (stacking)?production process, compared with the traditional coiling process button battery, the laminated process button battery products have the advantages of low internal resistance, good multiplier performance, high discharge platform voltage, long battery cycle life, etc. At the same time, the battery thickness and shape adaptability is stronger, and the application scene is more extensive!

          ?Grepow stacking lithium-ion button cell has been recognized by the national invention patent

          ?We have 42 patents for self-research and innovation, which are protected by patent law for customers

          ?Strict quality control

          ?Providing local instant customer support in China, USA and Germany

          You can get the following services

          ?Flexible support for customized solutions (including?assembly solutions?)

          ?Reliable and stable performance

          ?Samples and mass production available

          ?OEM, ODM available

          GRP1254L1 Lithium Ion Button Cell Application

          Grepow button batteries are used in wearable devices, tws hearing aids, medical devices, Internet of Things, smart home, automobiles, TWS headphones, etc. We can also customize rechargeable coin cell batteries according to customer needs, including the diameter, thickness, shape, capacity, voltage, etc. Coin cell batteries can make full use of the internal space of the device to provide greater capacity and longer endurance, our R&D team works closely with customers to provide the?suitably coustomizable?power solution for their products.

          General Process
          Specification & Verification
          Sample Production
          Price Verification
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