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          Tattu TA1000 Dual-Channel Smart Charger: The Versatile Charging Solution

          Tattu TA1000 Dual-Channel Smart Charger: The Versatile Charging Solution

          Editorial:Grepow Issue Date:2024-02-29 Views:155

          TATTU, a subsidiary brand of Grepow, welcomes a new addition of the Charger

          Tattu TA1000
          The First Industry UAV G-Tech
          Dual-Channel Smart Charger

          TA1000 G-Tech Smart Charger

          TA1000 is a reliable charging solution designed for those who value both portability and performance with its intelligent features and compact design, and meet the diverse needs of both hobbyists and industry drone professionals.

          Intelligence with G-Tech

          At the heart of the TA1000 is its versatility and intelligence. Powered by G-Tech Eco technology, this charger is optimized for G-Tech smart batteries while remaining compatible with a wide range of non-G-Tech batteries. Whether you're using G-Tech batteries or other brands, the TA1000 seamlessly identifies battery types and voltages, ensuring optimal charging performance every time.

          Intelligence with G-Tech

          Efficiency and Flexibility

          The TA1000 Charger offers unparalleled efficiency and flexibility, with dual channels and fully independent functions. Its lightweight (Approx.1.7KG) and compact design makes it perfectly suited for quick and hassle-free shipping. With a maximum charging power of 1000W (500W/channel), maximum charging current of 25A/channel, and support for 1-7 Series LiPo and high voltage LiPo (LiHV) batteries, the TA1000 provides users with a wide range of charging options to suit your needs.

          TA1000 Charger handle design

          Safety and Reliability

          Safety is paramount with the TA1000 Charger. It is equipped with comprehensive protection features, including over-temperature, over-current, over-charge, over-voltage, disconnection, short circuit, single-cell low voltage, and reverse polarity protection. The charger operates in two modes – charge and storage. During charging, real-time monitoring ensures the battery's status is closely tracked, automatically ceasing charging when the battery reaches full capacity. These safeguards ensure that your batteries are charged safely and efficiently, giving you peace of mind during every charging session.

          User-Friendly Design

          Designed with user convenience in mind, the TA1000 Charger features an intuitive user interface that makes battery management a breeze for users of all levels. The wide-view IPS display provides a clear view of charging status and battery information, enhancing the user experience and making operation seamless.

          Parameter of TA1000


          In a world where reliability matters most, the Tattu TA1000 Smart Charger delivers. Its compact design ensures easy transport without sacrificing power. As part of the Tattu brand, we're committed to innovation and continuously strive to bring new products to market, providing the drone industry with superior power solutions. Come and experience battery management with the TA1000 Charger.

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