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          Custom Battery Solutions

          Grepow is a global well-known battery integration customization solution provider, which can not only provide customers with cell, battery structure, BMS and other individual customization services, but also meet customers' battery integration (cell + BMS + structure) customization needs. Grepow can provide detailed and best battery customized solutions according to customer needs, and strictly keep the customer's projects confidential. Grepow will also provide customers with high-quality and comprehensive after-sales service.

          • BMS Design

            Battery Management System, intelligently manages and maintains each cell, improves battery utilization, prevents overcharge and discharge, prolong battery life, and monitors SOC status.

          • Structure Custom

            Battery Structure design included: Compact, Size, Weight, Styled Case, Strength, Shock Resistance, Heat Dissipation, etc.

          • Battey Cell Custom

            Grepow has a variety of special cell technology systems that can achieve various performances. Facing a variety of industries, we can provide the best cell customization solutions.

          • BMS

          • Battery Cell

          • Structure Custom

          • 1~24S Battery BMS Customization?

            Customize your BMS solution

            Communication Functions

            Communication Protocol (SMBus, CAN)

            Communication Protection

            SOC Indicator

            Current Detection

            Abnormal Log


            Using Time Record

            Charge Management

            Charging Over-Voltage Protection

            Charging Over-Current Protection

            Charging Over-Temperature Alarm/Protection

            Charging Low-Temperature Alarm/Protection

            Abnormal Voltage Gap Warning

            Charging Short Circuit Alarm/Protection


            Discharge Management

            Discharging Over-Current Protection

            Discharging Under-Voltage Protection

            Battery No-Load Protection

            Discharging Short Circuit Alarm/Protection

            Discharging Over-temperature Alarm/Protection

            Discharge Low-Temperature Alarm/Protection

            Other Functions

            Self-Heating Technology for Low Temperature

            Ultra-Low Power Consumption

            Reverse Connection Protection

            Self-Discharging in Fully Charged Storage

          • Lithium Battery Cell Customization

            Customize Your Battery Cells

            Battery Customization?

            Shaped battery?
            (Round, Curved, Thin, etc.)

            Custom dimensions

            Electrode Tab?(2 or 4)

            Wire & Pack


            High Voltage: up to 4.48V

            High C Rate: Max. 50C (cont.)?

            Capacity up to 40Ah per cell

            Extreme Low-Temperature -50℃

            NMC811 275Wh/kg Energy Density

            10C Fast Charging

          • Inbound Structural Design

            Cooperate with customers to achieve better structure and ID design



            Shock Resistance

            Styled Case

            Heat Dissipation

            Explosion Proof Strength

            Size and Weight