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          Mining Lamp Equipment

          Mining Lamp Equipment

          Mining lamp is the abbreviation of mining or industrial and mining lamps and lanterns, the collective name of the special lighting fixtures used in mines. It is widely used in mining, petroleum, chemical, railroad, transportation, storage and other environments where flammable and explosive combustible gases exist, for safety lighting and disaster relief lighting. Headwear portable mining lamp consists of lamp head, cable and battery, and the battery as the core components of the mining lamp equipment, usually mining lamp equipment need built-in nickel-hydrogen batteries to meet the daily production use.

          Mineral Lamp Battery? Features

          Small volume, large capacity

          Fast charging ability

          Wide working temperature range

          Low cost, high cost performance

          Safe and reliable, longer cycle life

          No memory effect

          Low self-discharge

          Stable power supply

          Environmentally friendly, no pollution

          Certifications Complete: MA mining certification, ROHS, CE, UL, UN38.3, MSDS, etc.

          • NiMH Batteries for Mining Power Safety

          • Mining Helmet HeadlampThe mining headwear lamp is portable and consists of lamp head, cable and battery. To ensure safe production, the batteries used in mining lamps need to be flameproof, explosion-proof and have special industry certifications such as MA, KA (coal safety, mine safety). In order to ensure the normal use of mining lights, not only the mobility, safety, light weight and other characteristics of the equipment should be considered, the built-in battery is usually explosion-proof NiMH batteries. The AAA, AA, A, 18, A-power, SC, C, D, M NiMH batteries produced by Graup meet the above characteristics and are used by major mining light equipment manufacturers.

            Part of the Mining Helmet Battery Parameters

            Battery type: NiMH battery

            Voltage: 24V

            Normal capacity: 8000mAh

            Minimum capacity: 7500mAh/0.2C

            0.5C discharge>108min

            1C discharge>52min

            Standard charge: 800mAh×16hrs

            Fast charge: 2400mAh×260min(-ΔV=5mV/cell)

            Size: 35*140*160mm

            Cycle life: 800(times)

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