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          Power Tool

          Common power tools include electric drills, power sanders, electric spanners and screwdrivers, hammers and impact drills, concrete vibrators, electric planes and many more. With the rapid development of the intelligent era, on-demand cordless power tools are gradually becoming the mainstream of development. As the core component of cordless power tools, the battery is powered by a built-in NiMH or lithium battery to meet people's daily use.

          Characteristics of the Electric Tool Batteries

          High capacity density

          Wide working temperature range (-20 ℃ to 50 ℃)

          High cost-performance efficiency

          No memory effect

          Customization available

          Low self-discharge

          Long cycle life

          Lightweight battery

          Environmentally friendly and non-polluting

          More powerful current discharge performance

          Higher discharge platform, fast charging, longer working time

          Comprehensive BMS with multiple protection functions

          Fully compatible with original power tools and chargers

          Safe and reliable, certifications: ISO13485, ROHS, CE, UL, UN38. 3, MSDS, etc.

          Power tools are mechanized tools powered by small-capacity electric motors or electromagnets to drive the work head operation. Common power tools include auto repair drills, electric wrenches, screwdrivers, concrete vibrators, electric planes and so on. They are widely used in various fields such as industrial manufacturing, forestry processing, road construction, public cleaning and household daily use. Depending on the needs of different designs and fields, the built-in power solutions required for their cordless convenience are as follows:

          • NiMH Battery Series

          • Lithium Polymer Battery Series

          • NiMH Battery Series for Power ToolPower tools are used as mechanized tools to meet people's production work. With the rapid development of the intelligent era, cordless power tools are becoming the mainstream of development due to increased mobility, safety, higher torque, better accuracy and data collection capabilities. Advances in battery technology reduce cable consumption and tripping hazards, enabling freedom of movement by allowing workers to move freely within tight confines and eliminating concerns about accidental power cable cuts. To ensure proper use of power tools, the batteries used in power tools are usually NiMH or Li-Polymer batteries. AAA, AA, A, 18, A Power, SC, C, D and M NiMH batteries produced by Grepow are also used by major power tool manufacturers!

            Part of the Power Tool NiMH Battery Parameters

            Battery type: AA type NiMH battery

            Voltage: 14.4V

            Combination mode: 12S1P

            Battery capacity: 1600mAh/1300mAh

            *For more power tool battery solutions, please contact Grepow, our company supports flexible customization!

          • the Power Tool Li-polymer BatteryGrepow's power tool batteries are made from premium?pouch cell lithium polymer batteries and integrated with a BMS; we offer more powerful discharge performance and longer runtime and cycle life than traditional cylindrical lithium ion power tool batteries. Our high rate power tool batteries are compatible with original power tools.

            Some of the Power Tool Li-polymer Battery Specifications

            Battery type: Lithium polymer battery

            Voltage: 11.1V (support customization)

            Combination mode: 3S1P

            Discharge rate: 5C~50C (support customization)

            Battery capacity: 1300mAh (15C)/1800mAh (25C) (support customization)

            *For more power tool battery solutions, please contact Grepow, our company supports flexible customization!