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          24V 50Ah LiFePO4 Modular Battery

          24V 50Ah LiFePO4 Modular Battery

          24V 50Ah LiFePO4 Modular Battery

          24V LiFePO4 50000mAh modular battery (Nominal Voltage=25.6V) is a LFP modular battery developed by Grepow, features in high rate, small size and lightweight, high durability, low maintenance cost, efficient battery management, support for flexible customization, and many advanced core technology patents, etc. so that it's as a power supply popular among various fields.
          Online information
          Product Details

          LFP Modular Battery Features

          High power and good cycles performance

          High safety standard

          Safety unit with integrated monitoring system provides more safety in use

          Longer working time

          Voltage / capacity scalable

          Modular and customized to provide high energy density, saving space and weight

          BMS enables high power discharge with multiple control and protection functions

          Easy to install in series and parallel

          24V LiFePO4 50000mAh Modular Battery Specs

          Product Name

          Grepow 24V?LFP 50Ah Modular Battery

          Dimensions (L x W x H)

          327 x 172 x 217 mm (Approx.)

          Cell Chemistry

          Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePo4/LFP)

          Charging Mode

          Constant Current and Constant Voltage

          Cell Type

          Pouch cells

          Charge Current

          25A (Standard)/50A (Max.)

          Nominal Voltage


          Discharge Current

          10A (Standard); 100A (Max Continued )

          Nominal Capacity

          50Ah (50,000mAh)

          Operating Temperature

          Charge (0~+45℃); Discharge (-20~+60℃)

          Internal Impedance


          Power Connector


          Discharge cut-off voltage


          Enclosure Protection


          Nominal Weight

          15 KG (Approx.)

          Case Material


          Why Choose Grepow 24V 50Ah LFP Modular Battery

          Grepow self-developed and self-manufactured LFP Modular Batteries

          Grepow LiFePO4 modular battery uses self-developed innovative technology to achieve the high power performance of lithium iron phosphate battery and also extend the service life of the battery. Grepow provides modular lithium iron phosphate battery: cell customization + battery management system (BMS) + structural design of the integrated power system customization services, using proprietary battery raw material formula, high temperature resistance, high energy density ratio The battery is made of lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4). Lithium iron phosphate material has the advantages of environmental protection, non-toxic, high working voltage, high performance, etc. We can also customize the modular lithium iron phosphate battery for different industries according to the actual needs of users, so that your products have a greater competitive advantage.

            ?Source manufacturer, physical factory, strong R&D production capacity, short delivery time and sufficient stock

            ?Self-developed battery cells, sufficient capacity, refusal of false label, guaranteed capacity

            ?Strict quality control: construct a comprehensive quality system from parts to finished products to ensure product quality

            ?Safe and reliable in accordance with a variety of domestic and international battery certification

            ?Perfect service system: quickly respond to customer problems and provide solutions

            ?Provide local instant customer support in China, USA and Germany

          We offer the following services.

            Flexible support for customized solutions

            Reliable and stable performance

            Sample and mass production available

            OEM, ODM services available

          Modular LFP Battery Applications

            The lithium iron phosphate modular batteries developed and produced by Grepow are widely used in communication power systems, UPS power systems, off-grid or micro-grid systems, security and protection systems, emergency lighting power supplies, portable medical equipment, and any fast-charging high-capacity, high-voltage or high-rate starter power equipment.

          General Process
          Specification & Verification
          Sample Production
          Price Verification
          Production Schedule
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