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          A Size Nimh Rechargeable Batteries

          A Size Nimh Rechargeable Batteries

          A Size Nimh Rechargeable Batteries

          NiMH A batteries are mainly divided into conventional NiMH batteries and power NiMH batteries, each of which has different charging and discharging performance and different application areas. There are over 70 models and specifications of NiMH A batteries to choose from, with detailed parameter information to meet customers' respective application requirements.
          Online information
          Product Details

          NiMH battery features

          High capacity

          Low self-discharge

          High fast charging capability

          Longer cycle life

          Operating temperature range (-20°C to 50°C)

          High power supply?

          High cost-effectiveness

          Environmentally friendly and pollution-free

          No memory effect

          Safe and reliable in accordance with various certifications such as ROHS, CE, UL, UN38.3, MSDS, etc.!

          Basic parameters of NiMH A battery

          Why choose Grepow to custom A size NiMH battery

          Grepow was established in 1998 to manufacture more environmentally friendly rechargeable nickel-hydrogen batteries, the development has been 25 years of rich experience in the production of nickel-hydrogen batteries and now has NiMH battery production plant area of 63,000 square meters? with about 80 R & D technicians, quality control personnel 100 people to mainly research, develop and product NiMH batteries.The daily production capacity of NiMH battery is 300000pcs, and the customization of NiMH battery (including the customization of low temperature NiMH battery) is also available.

          ?Source manufacturer, physical factory, strong production capacity, short delivery time and sufficient stock.

          ?Independent chip, sufficient capacity, reject false label, guarantee capacity

          ?Strict quality control: construct a full range of quality system from parts to finished products to ensure product quality

          ?Perfect service system: quickly respond to customer problems and provide solutions

          ?Provide local instant customer support in China, USA and Germany

          Grepow A type NiMH; A size NiMH battery

          You can get the following services

          Flexible support for custom production of NiMH batteries according to customer needs in terms of size, capacity, protection plate, and wire length

          Reliable and stable performance

          Sample and mass production available

          OEM and ODM services are available

          NiMH Battery Application

          Grepow NiMH batteries are widely used in: car T-BOX batteries, power tools, 3C digital, gaming equipment, personal care, mining industry, etc.

          Grepow can also help to customize rechargeable NiMH batteries according to spcial needs, including NiMH battery size, capacity, protection plate, and wire length, etc. Our R&D team works closely with customers to provide the best power solution for their products!

          General Process
          Specification & Verification
          Sample Production
          Price Verification
          Production Schedule
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