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          An electric vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL) aircraft is a variety of VTOL aircraft that uses electric power to hover, take off, and land vertically. Grepow is profession at manufacturing the eVTOL battery solution for eVTOL all over the world.

          Compared with small-scale UAVs, eVTOLs have a heavier load and higher battery requirements, with battery voltages over 100 volts and currents up to 100 to 300 amperes. High voltage and current batteries require more series and parallel connections. EVTOLs demand a higher charge/discharge rate and consistency between cells. Assembling modules requires uniform heat control and dissipation, making the manufacture of batteries more difficult. Batteries for eVTOLs should be highly reliable and need a balance between high C-rate, high energy density, and long cycle life.

          • High Capacity LiPo Battery

          • NMC811 Battery

          • Grepow can manufacturer the high capacity pouch cell lipo battery with Maximum single cell 40Ah capacity.

          • Grepow NMC 811 battery uses a stacked-sheet pouch cell process, the NMC (Ni-Mn-Co) cathode composition with 80% nickel, 10% manganese, and 10% cobalt. This recipe technology is to significantly break the energy density of existing lipo batteries, which the highest energy density is 275Wh per kg. The capacity Retention can stay more than 90% after 600 cycles and the dynamic voltage imbalance is less than 100 mV. This technology is more reliable and light, it has a longer range for professional field drones such as mapping, E-VTOL and consumer electronics. NMC 811 batteries can also be customized to perfectly fit the shape or capacity of the appliance you need. As a battery manufacturer, we take OEM and ODM services as well.