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          UPS Battery
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          UPS Battery

          UPS Battery
          Li+ UPower series is a replaceable battery module product specially designed by Grepow for UPS (uninterruptible power supply) equipment. UPS is widely used in industrial automation, servers, elevators and other equipment. In order to avoid losses caused by unnatural power outages, A UPS is needed as a buffer, so that the equipment can shut down naturally, or have enough time for the equipment to switch to generator power supply, and the UPS needs an energy storage device that meets specific requirements; therefore, our Li+ UPower series products can be built-in/externally In UPS equipment, a certain battery life is provided for the UPS. Its voltage and capacity depend on the needs of the UPS equipment and electrical equipment.
          • High Power
            High-rate 3C Charge, 40C Discharge
          • BMS Protection
            Include Dual Protection
          • Certification Qualified
            Battery Products Meet Safety Standards.
          • Lead-Acid Replacement
            Environmentally Friendly & Zero Maintenance Cost
          • Li+UPower series UPS batteries use high-rate lithium iron phosphate cells (LFP) whcih support up to 3C fast charging and 40C high current discharge.

            With 250C?discharge rate?in 0.2s, Li+UPower?UPS batteries supply?responding quickly during power outages, and provide power for equipment support in no time.

          • BMS: Equalization function, Double hardware protection board; and Redundancy by design

            Overcharge Protection
            ?Overcharge Current Protection
            High and Low Temperature Protection
            Equalization Function
            Short Circuit Protection
            Over Discharge Protection
            ●?Over Discharge Current Protection (include Dual Protection)

          • The Grepow Li+ UPower series of UPS battery modules are available with a variety of international approvals, including:

            UN 38.3, IEC62133, UL1642, UL991, UL1973, CE incl EMC, RoHs, 2006/66/EC, REACH, FCC

          • The Grepow Li+ UPower series UPS batteries use LiFePO4 cells and act as alternatives to traditional lead-acid UPS batteries. They achieve high charge and discharge rates thanks to stacking tech. They cut volume and weight by about 50% with the same discharge current. Li+ UPower UPS batteries?of?an energy density of up to 150Wh/kg and up to 4,000 cycles life,?can handle high current discharge in -20°C cold and need no maintenance. This can save businesses a lot of labor costs and reduce overall operational expenses significantly.

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