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          Smart Clothing

          Smart Clothing

          As known as Electronic textiles or e-textiles, are fabrics that enable electronic components such as batteries, lights, sensors, and microcontrollers to be embedded in them.

          1. OEM mass production, mature manufacturing process. Physical factory supply, quality assurance, and after-sales service.

          2. High energy density, high output power, high capacity, and lightweight.

          3. High battery consistency, is conducive to series and parallel combination processing; can be combined according to different requirements.

          4. Meet ROHS, SGS, CE, UL and other testing requirements.

          5. Battery assembly method requirements can be customized according to customer requirements, and custom size! Such as shaped, voltage, capacity, etc..

          6. Can provide integrated power solutions according to customer requirements.

          • Ultra-thin Battery

          • Smart Heating Shoes Solution

          • Heating Apparels Battery Solutions

          • Ultra-thin Battery

          • Grepow's special-shaped batteries for smart shoes have a high voltage of 4.35 to 4.40V per cell, and they carry a high energy density.

            Grepow Smart Shoes battery

            They are also able to work under low temperatures while also having a long cycle life. After 1000 cycles, 80% of the original capacity remains. These batteries are particularly great because they can be customized to fit a variety of product designs.

            They are also environmentally friendly due to being ISO14000 certified, and they are UL, UN, and ROHS compliant. We have been cooperating with some top 500 companies in the world.

          • Most heating apparels use rectangular batteries. Similar to our other special-shaped batteries, our curved and other custom-shaped batteries can fit a variety of different apparel. Our curved cells have previously been used for heating gloves and the back of the collar for winter coats.